Welcome to Mysore Stoneware Pipes and Potteries Ltd

Contact Vishwanath +91 94484 76992 for more details.To run without break for seventy-five years all the while maintaining its reputation with customers as well as shareholders is no mean achievement. In the case of Mysore Stoneware Pipes and Potteries it was possible because the MSPP was served by outstanding workers and management. But there was more: an uncompromising commitment to excellence in its products and services— quality was the watchword from the day the first pipes rolled out of the plant. To its founder Vyasa Rao quality was everything. The result is MSPP became the standard that all suppliers of sanitary products had to meet, and it was so stated in government tenders. Though best known for sanitary pipes and fittings, during the course of its illustrious 75-year history, MSPP has produced a wide range of products like chemical containers (Jars), laboratory bricks and many others. The figure above is indicative of its range.

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